Corporate GIS has announced that it will sponsor one of the GITA Bursaries for study in Geospatial Technology. This bursary is worth $5,000 over 4 years to provide assistance for students to undertake university study in an accredited geospatial undergraduate course in Australia or New Zealand.

Corporate GIS has been well aware of the nature of the skills shortage in the geospatial information industry for some time, based on research contained within the GIS / Spatial Best Practice Survey undertaken over the last 7 years. In February 2005, Corporate GIS presented a Position Paper to GITA for carriage to the NSW Surveying and Mapping Advisory Council, highlighting this issue.

A consequence of this is that GITA has taken the initiative and provided 3 Bursaries which is hoped will be followed by others in the industry, especially the major employers such as the energy utilities, government transport agencies, and local government.

For some time Corporate GIS has sought consultants who possess knowledge and experience of the industry, particularly with a consulting background. “Unfortunately, the current skills shortage has resulted in a mis-alignment of the skills produced by traditional educational facilities with that required by a company such as ours”, Bruce Douglas, Director Corporate GIS said recently.

It is hoped that the GITA Bursary program will provide a strong incentive for students (and potential students) to take up and continue studies in Geospatial Information.