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A new capability is being built to provide easy access to information about our past projects - please check back soon for further information.

Our customers keep coming back:

Australian Federal Police, ACT 7 Projects
Barwon Water, VIC 6 Projects
City West Water, VIC 4 Projects
Energy Australia, NSW 10 Projects
Ergon Energy, QLD 2 Projects
Integral Energy, NSW 3 Projects
Main Roads Dept, QLD 13 Projects
NSW Lands 4 Projects
NSW Planning 4 Projects
Queensland Rail 5 Projects
Queensland Transport 4 Projects



Contribute to the 2010 GIS Industry & Technology Survey

The 2010 GIS / Spatial Survey is currently open. These annual GIS Surveys have been running for 13 years (from 2000) and have been reported by Spatial Business News as “… the most authorative statement available on the penetration of GIS into organisations and on the way it is being used”.

This survey is only open to bona-fide end-users of GIS technology - not vendors, software resellers or developers.

All contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the 2010 Survey Contributors Report and will receive discounts on subsequent detailed reports.

If you have contributed in previous years or would like to contribute this year you, please click on the following link to open the survey.

Click here to commence the 2010 GIS Survey

Achieving Business Success with GIS

Written by Bruce Douglas.

It is a practical book which explores the business environment of making GIS successful.

This book is written for a business manager, not a technocrat, and applies academic rigor to practical and commercial implementation issues and offers viewpoints from all parties involved in GIS implementations and upgrades.

This book provides technical, financial, organisational and commercial advice in order to ensure that your GIS successfully meets your business needs.

To order your copy of this book, fill out an order now or check out the Wiley web link for this book.






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