GIS Business Strategies & Roadmaps
Development of Strategies, Roadmaps and Plans for the use of GIS and related technologies to meet business needs – often includes broad cost benefit analysis and / or pricing strategies.

Market Research and Analysis
Develop and undertake the annual GIS Industry and Technology Survey as well as specialised surveys for industry benchmarking projects and specific client studies.

Business Cases & Cost Benefit Analysis
Development of Economic Appraisals, Cost Benefit analysis models and Financial Reviews leading to the development of Business Cases for GIS and related projects integrated to meet specific business objectives.
Specifications & Tenders
Development of Functional and Technical Specifications and Tenders for procurement of GIS and related system acquisition – generally includes evaluation and benchmarking of tenders and systems.

Requirements & Needs Analysis ReviewDevelopment of User Requirements and Needs Analysis based upon business requirements - often includes change management plans.
Productivity ReviewsReview existing GIS systems to determine fit with business needs and productivity based improvements required.

In summary, Corporate GIS assists organisations to strategically align their spatial data and technology with their required business outcomes such that business benefits are maximised. 

That is, we provide strategic level services including:

  • Spatial information / technology strategy development
  • Cost / benefit / risk analysis and business case development
  • Productivity (health check) and post implementation reviews
  • Commercial market research and analysis 

In support of our strategic services we:

  • Develop user and technical requirement specifications
  • Develop and manage tender / technical selection processes
  • Project manage strategic project implementation

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